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Nautica Milán is located in Almeria, in Andalucia, in the South of Spain. We put at the disposal of our international clients the better boats, outboards, fishing and scuba diving items to enjoy them in winter and in summer at the coast of Almeria, in the hot South of Spain.
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We put at the disposal of our clients two points of sale dedicated each one of them to the different lines of business of the firm.
The first one is situated in the Industrial Zone of La Juaida (Viator, Almeria, Spain) and in there you will be able to find the boats, the outboard motors and the naval electronics.
The second is found in Almeria capital and since the same one we market nautical accessories, kayaks and items for the fishing sports and the dive.
The contact information and street plans of location of ours two establishments are:
Náutica Milán (boats, the outboard motors and the naval electronics.)
Dirección: c/ Sierra de Estancias s/n, 04240, Polígono Industrial La Juaida, Viator (Almería, Spain)
Teléfono: +0034950231943
Fax: +0034950280396
e-mail: david@nauticamilan.com
Web: www.nauticamilan.com
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(Haga click para ampliar plano)
Náutica Milán (naval acccesories, kayaks and articles for the sports fishing and the dive )
Dirección: Carretera de Málaga, 5 , 04002, Almería
Teléfono: +0034950270720
Fax: +0034950270720
e-mail: gustavo@nauticamilan.com
Web: www.nauticamilan.com
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